Monday, December 12, 2011

Transitioning From Being A Bedroom Guitarist Into A Musician

I started learning the instrument at 10 years old. The love for songs had always been there, the safe sensation of being engrossed in audio and tune. The comfort of songs, the different changes feelings would take on a direction introduced by notes and balance. In exercising the instrument I discovered the key to get into the strange globe of songs. My own private Galaxy. The songs I was able to perform at first revealed gates to get into a new experience. The first note I discovered on the instrument (it must have been a D or an A because I performed a lot of songs with those... ) organised the power of starting the gateways of that universe, creativeness.

I sensed extremely motivated in enjoying entire songs, extremely easy at first, but however valuable items of this amazing challenge, musicianship.

I invested hours in my bed room exercising notes, trying new songs, treasuring my new discovered lot of money, enhancing and enhancing my abilities, it was a amazing trip to the most awesome locations, but still... all in the bed room. I was an awesome bed room artist. And, that was satisfying in itself but problems is, it didn't create it "real".
Being a artist and enjoying songs can really only are available if an return happens, as easy as having 1 individual enjoying and 1 individual hearing. Pets are amazing audience but they don't create it "real", sorry. The miracle happens when the relationship is made from one human being to another, approval.

A hurry of truth sensed real when at 11 y/o I braved up and would go perform with a buddy at bulk every Weekend. Then, came recitals, regional competitions, High School activities, groups, studio room files, stereo competitions, regional gigs! Any store I could possibly find to perform my instrument right in front side of people! It was real, it was actual now. reality!

When training, my objective is to show learners new notes, playing styles, lead strategy, etc. But it is also to discuss the sensation of power obtained by exercising the instrument. A sensation that will be theirs and theirs only. The key to their globe of songs, where all is great all the time. A symbol to independence.

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